Why Grand Rapids?  Because we're kind of a big deal....

Top 10 Grand Rapids ‘TOP TEN’ National List Placements!

1. Grand Rapids #2 for ‘Top U.S. Cities’ (RelocateAmerica – 2011) – Study was based on local residential real estate markets and economies, safety/security, cultural and recreational outlets plus input from city leaders and residents.

2. Grand Rapids #1 for ‘Best Cities for Raising a Family’ (Forbes – 2012) – Study was based on quality of schools, low cost of living, short commute times, stable housing market and low crime rate.

3. Grand Rapids Top 10 for ‘Most Exciting Mid-sized Cities’ (Movoto real estate blog – 2014) – Study included nightlife, live music venues, active outdoor options, non-fast food restaurant options.

4. Grand Rapids Top 15 for ‘U.S. Cities with Emerging Downtowns’ (Forbes – 2015) – Study was based on economic development strides and redevelopment/revitalization projects.

5. Grand Rapids #7 for ‘Happiest Cities to Work In’ (Forbes – 2013) – Study factored employee relationships with bosses and co-workers, compensation, growth opportunities and company culture based on responses given in 36,000 independent employee reviews.

6. Grand Rapids #1 for ‘Number of LEED Certified Buildings Per Capita’ (American Institute of Architects/AIA – 2009)

7. Grand Rapids #9 for ‘Most Affordable Healthcare’ (Livability.com – 2014) – Study was based on low health care spending, accessibility to doctors and hospitals, and quality of life.

8. Grand Rapids Top 10 for ‘Best Places to Retire’ (AARP – 2013) – Study pinpointed communities where retirees could live “comfortably” on $30,000/year.

9. Grand Rapids #4 for ‘Best Cities to Find a Job’ (Forbes – 2013) – Study considered diversity of industries, cost of living and education level of city residents.

10. Grand Rapids Top 10 for ‘U.S. Destinations to Visit in 2014’ (Huffington Post – 2014) – Study factored Grand Rapids’ thriving art scene, numerous citywide festivals and craft breweries.